29 June 2011

'Art in the Garden'

A couple of months ago my parents stopped by my house and decided to take me out on a bit of a day trip, my parents do this all the time, and always have, it's pretty cool, they just come pick me up and take me somewhere new without telling where we're going.

Well anyway this particular day, it was just me and my mum and dad, we headed off towards Bangor direction (a little seaside town on the West coast of Northern Ireland) and stopped by a little park and had a picnic, it was really nice and the weather was great :)

But the main part of the day was when we arrived at the Culloden Hotel, Spa and Estate, it's a beautiful big castle-like hotel and it is super expensive to stay there! But on the 22nd of May 2011, it was opened completely to the public to home the sculpture exhibition, 'Art in the Garden'.

The artwork was amazing, unfortunately all I had was my phone to take photos, but it didn't do too badly, I took so many photos but here are some of my favorites below...

Culloden Gardens and Castle in the background.

I love this one, it just connects with itself so well...

Bronze figures in a copper nest.

Marble Lady.

The grounds are beautiful, even without all the artwork.

Oh so Summery :)

So many artist's work were on display...

Isn't this one fabulous? I think it totally represents fashion.

Cute tree nymph.

So silly, it's awesome ^^

She was one of my favorites on the day, she just looks so strong yet youthful.

I'm not sure if they're holding it there again next year, but I really hope so! Soooo much inspiration!

That's another great thing, well I don't get to spend as much time as I used to with my parents, now that I've moved out, but they still think about me everyday day and notice things that they know I would really love :D
I love my parents <3

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