1 November 2011

Deco Phone Designs!

These are all examples of my handmade phone cover! More to come :D
I'm also hoping to start selling these, so if you're interested, email me at amy.simpson583@yahoo.co.uk

Thanks! Walabean xo

21 September 2011

La Mode London

Just a quick update, sorry I'm so busy this week with Fresher's stuff at Uni, but guess what?

La Mode London saw my portfolio and sent me an email, saying they saw my stuff, it looks really successful and would I contact them about a model assessment day! :O

Wow! :D

How cool is that?

So yes, we shall see how that goes, I'll keep you informed x

Apart from that I did some Fall/Winter season shopping, including the prefect pair of boots, they're fur lined and just so cosy, I'll post pictures soon!

Toodles for now!

Walanbean <3

16 September 2011


Hey everybody I'm alive and back in the world of blogging! :D

Sorry I was away for so long, it's been like a solid month since I properly blogged....here's my list of reasons (which you can skip if you're not that interested lol)

Firstly my mum got really sick, and was taken into hospital for awhile, and as much as I love blogging and all you bloggers, my mum comes first! Then I got my results and got into Uni, and I've been trying to sort all that out, which was exhausting -_- There were quite a few mix ups...
Oh and then on top of all that, my family went on holiday (a nice spa one for my mum to recover)
but that left me to house sit, WITH NO INTERNET for a week! *cries* But now I'm back, and hopefully I'll be updated twice a week again. Although Uni starts in a week, so I'm not too sure it's a concrete plan x3

Anyway! Now in not updating for a month quite a lot has happened, as you'd imagine :)

1. Got my A Level results! Success! :)

2. Got into Uni!! Yay!!! I'm officially a student of Language & Linguistics, at the University of Ulster! :D

3. I've dyed my hair, 'Mountain Ash Blond' (it's not too bright a blond, quite similar to my natural hair colour, only when I've been in the sun for about a month)

4. I've started learning Japanese, hopefully heading there in three years, so may as well start now :)

5. And of course I bought a crap'load of stuff :] (Including a new phone!! A Samsung Galaxy S, oh how I love it <3 <3 <3)

So I'll be reblogging some of this stuff with more detail, hopefully I can get a nice shot of my new hair colour x

Oh, some thing that I've totally got into, and will hopefully be starting to sell, is "Decoden"/“Keitai art”, a style made popular in Japan, of completely covering your phone in sparkles and gems, and anything cute! So I've made my first one and already have three orders! Yay! :D

I'll be doing a full blog showing my phone deco, and also a competition to win one of my personalized phone covers! :)

This was what started my deco-craze, I loved these covers (like the one below) but wanted something more 3D.

This is also one of my recent Ebay purchases x

Isn't it cute? ^^ I'm not sure you can see it (sorry for the web-cam shot) but it has tiny little bees, so adorable x

Something else I'm really enjoying lately is being more creative with my nails, it started off with this grape design, with I found really sweet, so I'll definitely be trying more food themed nails soon!

(Sorry for the quality T-T)

I then tried the crackle nail varnish, which I seriously love :D I applied three coats of bright green, with one coat of black crackle.

Well I've rambled for long enough x) Another post within the next fews days I promise, also a new outfit post soon! And keep an eye out for my Phone Deco Competition coming soon! :D

P.S have a silly Japanese Photobooth-style picture of me! Lol, I love these things ^^

Love to you all! Walabean x

30 August 2011

Sorry :(

Sorry I haven't updated my blog in an age...hopefully when I explain you guys can forgive, there's just been a lot happening lately...

Sorry sorry sorry T-T

Walabean x

Back soon, I promise!

15 August 2011

Fashion Fix Time!

Oo it feels like forever since I've done an outfit post, it's been really hard finding an opportunity to take pictures, I was sick for that couple of days, and it hasn't really stopped raining :/

But finally, I got out and about and got some good shots, hurray! And it was the perfect time to show off my new dress and heels :D

Dress/Thrifted, Heels/Dorothy Perkins (But my sister gave me these), Grey Tights/ASDA, Hair Clip Bows/Local Pharmacy.

So yes, this is it, I absolutely fell in love with this dress the moment I saw it, it's fan/accordion style pleats are awesome, they make you want to dance around everywhere you go (Colin spent most of the time laughing at me when I wore this to the store to buy milk, and I couldn't stop dancing x3). The picture is me, in my room, just after I tried it on for the first time, I can already see my mind plotting all the fun I can have with those pleats :)

(More photos of the dress itself further down.)

Below are the photos of my makeup for the day. To add to how well the black stood out from the white, I went quite heavily on the liquid eyeliner, but my eyes are already quite big, so the dark eyeliner doesn't diminish them much. I also added the little heart, with my eyeliner, just for funs :3

I'm wearing Super+ BB Cream/Maybelline Mineral Powder (Original Rose)/Avon Sparkle Lash/ME ME ME Flawless Face Pwder (Honey)/Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect/Urban Decay Liquid Eye Liner/Lancome Le Crayon Khol (Gris Bleu).

Puffer fish shot x3

Also I'm so annoyed at my hair (although I love it in these pictures) but no matter what I try, I can't seem to curl it properly with my curling wand. Grr. Maybe my hair is just too fine? (My hair is extremely fine&thin) Anyone got any hints/tips? They would be greatly appreciated >.>

But yes, below is the results of me trying to ringlet my hair, clearly it didn't work, but I kinda like how it turned out anyway, and I think adding the two little bows made it all very cute...(I love bows!! :D)

Some more shots of my outfit, this handy background/wall, is just in the alley out behind my back yard, which I only recently discovered. Handy :)

Love! Love! Love!

And the final look for Lookbook! Please hype sweeties!

Oh and the heels I'm wearing, are just one of the new pairs I was recently given, by my sister. She bought them awhile ago but they didn't fit her properly, so I got them, yay!

Along with the Grey ones I also got these stunning red heels. Red is my fave colour and I absolutely adore these! ♥ ♥ ♥

The red ribbon ties are just so sweet ^^

And of course the Grey ones as well, both pairs are quite similar, and both are ridiculously comfortable. I have no idea how much they cost her, but they're Dorothy Perkins, both size 7's.I also, fairly recently, got these beautiful denim wedges, they're by Kenneth Cole New York, and they are absolutely fabulous quality, and guess where I got them?...A charity shop, for just £5!! It's only when I got them home, and searched online, that I realised that they're worth nearly $200 *swoons*

Not that brands really matter to me, I just bought them because really I liked them, and of course due to the fact they add an extra 5 Inches to my height! That makes me 5'11"!! It makes a change from me being so short, at just 5'6" ¬_¬

I also got these silver wedges (yes, I have too many wedges XD) at my local Sunday Market, again they were only £5, but they're really awesome, the wedge part is made of a sort of spongy material, so not only do they look like moon shoes, but they feel like you're walking with moons shoes :D

So these are my wedges I have with me at my current house (I still have quite a few back at my family home), along with the heels, my sister just gave me. I have far too many shoes, and should really do a clear out....but I love them too much T-T

Sorry for quite along post, but I was shocked by the fact that I was actually able to do an outfit post today XD

Hopefully I dazzled you with all these shiny shoes that you won't mind :)
Much love!

Walabean x

14 August 2011

Reblogged: Couture Arabesque Oscar De La Renta Giveaway!!!

I've recently discovered a fab new blog! Hurray! It's Leah's blog Couture Arabesque, you should totally check her out! Plus at the minute she's holding a great giveaway, to celebrate her blog's 1st birthday :D
Happy Birthday Couture Arabesque!

Oh and if you do enter, let her know I sent you please? Mwah x

Here's all the details;

"What a way to start the week! As I had mentioned last Friday that I had something lovely to unveil to you all and here it is... Couture Arabesque is sponsoring a fabulous designer giveaway featuring two wonderful Oscar de la Renta items, with a combined total value of about $100!! Enter to win this delicately beautiful signed ODR silk scarf and accompanying signed clip on earrings. I had been planning to sell these beauties but decided to tie it into a fun giveaway celebrating C.A.'s 1 year anniversary. That's right, on August 26th Couture Arabesque will be one year old and I'd like to pass on a birthday gift to one of my lovely readers!

Here is how the ODR giveaway works:

Become a follower and let me know how you would style yourself or someone else with these beautiful accessories. (All current Couture Arabesque followers will be automatically entered, but must still leave a comment if they wish to participate)
Tweet or post the giveaway on Facebook and leave a separate comment letting me know you did.
Blog about the giveaway and leave a separate comment letting me know you did
If you refer a new follower you will gain an additional entry, just let me know who the new reader is.
The giveaway will last until Couture Arabesque's first birthday, Friday August 26th, upon which the winner will be drawn. If you appreciate design history and enjoy looking fabulous then don't let this one slip by - enter!! xoxo..........."

Enter here!!

Camping; Tollymore

Hey everyone! Just an update I was supposed to do a couple of weeks ago, but I only got the photos yesterday. Sorry ^^'

So here it is; My sister and I went camping last month, when the weather was a little better, we were supposed to go for the whole of August, but I fear if we go we'll be washed away with all this rain :(

We usually go camping at least two or three times a year, and usually to the same place, Tollymore Forest Park, it's beautiful there...well I'll just show you the photos I took while there x

Our tent just before dusk, I love our big retro tent! :D

Oh we also went to this huuuge car boot sale, it was giant! And had such a wide mix of things, but I really loved the retro glassware and ceramics, they were just so pretty :)

I wish I'd have had more money with me, but unfortunately it was in a field and they usually don't have ATMs xP
But they had so many really cool clothes and shoes, and loads in my size too *sad face*

I love these glasses from the 60's, the whole set just cost £4! But I knew if I bought these, I'd just be taking pictures of them all the time, look how they distort, and make the weirdest shapes.

And of course you can't go to Newcastle without visiting the amusements, it was really good fun, and reminded me so much of my childhood (I even got some candy floss, and I won a cuddly toy sheep!)

Hah! These were great fun!! I haven't been on a swan boat in yeaaaaars! (If you don't know what these are, they're boats in the shape of swans that two people peddle around a man-made lake) My sister nearly broke her leg falling in the swan and at one point I nearly fell out! It was £3 a swan, and you could stay out for as long as you liked, so yes we were peddling that swan for hours, I swear! :)

(Plus our swan was a little broken so it kinda kept going around and around in circles, another reason we were out for so long lol)

Yes, so back to our campsite, when we go camping it's usually for a couple of weeks at a time, so we don't really rough it, We bring proper tables, and a cooker, and deck chairs...basically it becomes a home away from home. And it's really nice in the evening, we all gather around the campfire and sing songs/munch marshmallows/etc :D

The best thing about for me though, is being able to wake really early in the morning to beautiful scenes like the one below. As the campsite is right next to the Mourne Mountain /range, the scenery around there is beautiful! <3

The campsite in the evening is so peaceful, and the sunset was pretty ^^

Quite near to the campsite is a river running down from the mountain, it's a little chilly, but when we've had a few days of really sunny, warm weather, it's warm enough for swimming! So that's what we did, we all dived into one of the naturally formed pools, and after we'd been in for awhile, a lot of other people joined us, including a really adorable doggie, yay!

When my parents came to pick me up (I had to leave a day early) it became quite windy, and I took some shots of the waves hitting the piers, when we were down at Newcastle's front (roughly three miles from the campsite). It was scary looking but really beautiful to watch, kinda like a lava lamp lol

I can't believe the holidays are nearly over, I get my A Level results in 4 days! Eeck! And then it's no time at all before everyone's back to school and I start Uni!!! :O

Well hope everyone's enjoying the last of the Summer!

Walabean xox

12 August 2011

4* Treatment

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, I've been quite unwell, a bit of a tummy bug :(
I hate being sick, it stops everything, I haven't been able to blog, or post up any new looks...nothing to do but sit about (of course I got loads of new inspiration and I even found a new blog to follow, Tamara's Blog
< < < You can check her out here. She's totally awesome, with a really great fashion sense! Plus she has the most adorable little sister, she's a mini fashionista too :) Check her out here!)

As I wasn't feeling too good, I thought a little bit of self-TLC would be good! I find there's nothing better than when you're sick, than a little relaxation and a few spa treatments :) Don't I realise I'm too busy to be sick! =)

First of all a touch of retail therapy, I ordered some bits and bobs from Tesco Direct last week, and it just so happens they arrived today :D

I got this gorgeous 1960's Style Trapeze Coat, it's such an unusual style, unfortunately I under estimated their sizes so it's a size or two big, but then there's room for a jumper or cardi, or I'll possibly see about taking it in a little. (I'm not returning it as it was in their end of season sale and 'cause I ordered it online, it's complicated >.>)

But I can't wait to wear this in a look, possibly not until, Autumn...although it's very light, and the weather here at the minute is quite chilly. Oh and I got a really good deal with this coat! It was £40, down to £15! Yay!

Trapeze Coat:£15

I also got a gel push up bra, I've never tried one of these before, as nature usually takes care of that, but as this was in their sale, and has a beautiful lace detailing design, in a soft latte pink colour, I thought I'd treat myself. Again, it was really reduced down to just £4!

I also got the matching lace pants (very fancy), and two pairs of 'shorties', which have no seams, so they're perfect for figure hugging dresses etc. The last thing I bought is a pair of khaki-style skinnies, they fit perfectly and have a cute little zip at each ankle. Another look is progress :)

Underwear set:£5.50/Pack of two 'shorties':£3/Khaki Skinnies:£11

Now, time for the real pampering! My sister had bought me a couple of those face masks mud packs, and I decided I'd try one out, I haven't tried this particular brand before (although it was very affordable) but it smelt delicious when I opened it, it was the Montagne Jeunesse Fruit Smoothie Face Mask, my sister also had given me some cucumber relaxing eye....patches? Which really cooled my eyelids and the surrounding area.


Lol, yes that's me, safely in my jammies, with no make-up, and shower-wet hair. The very essence of beauty XD

As scary as the picture above is, the whole treatment was very relaxing and my skin felt incredibly soft afterwards. I may as well do a quick product review;

Packaging: ★★ / ☆☆☆☆☆

Smell: ★★★★ / ☆☆☆☆☆

Effectiveness: ★★★ / ☆☆☆☆☆

Price: ★★★★ / ☆☆☆☆☆ (four for £3)

I've marked the packaging quite low as it was tricky to use and hard to get it all out unfortunately :(

Next I tried some pore strips (apparently blackheads worst enemy!) I've used these before, and have always found them veeery effective, I won't be showing you a picture of the results.

I think this was one of the Beauty Formulas pore strips...very effective, like I said lol

Also my skin looks so pink and fresh in these two photos (above and below) these were taken after the face mask! Hurray!

The night was completed with gentle music playing in the background, burning incense, candles and an amazing neck rub from Colin (See? Fiancés are really handy for that lol)

Breakfast Noms! Lemon Water/Banana/Green Tea with Honey/Cereal.

And I shall hopefully (fingers crossed) be up to my usual healthy breakfast tomorrow :D

Hope you all are feeling a bit better than me!

Walabean x

10 August 2011

Polka Dots & Bowler Hat

Hello everyone! Hope you're all having a nice week. It's been quite a busy week for me, it was my house-mate's birthday this weekend, he turned 21, so it's quite an important one :)
He love scented candles, so we got him one of those Yankee Candle sets, which he loved, and also some antique chop sticks, which were so cool I got myself a set XD

So this is what I wore to his party, although these photos were taken a couple of hours after, when we went back to my fiancé's farm.I'm wearing; Polka Dot Dress/Thrifted, Waterfall Cardigan/Thrifted, Military-Style Boots/Ebay, Black Bowler Hat/Grandfathers and Black Tights.

He has a lamp post in his garden next to a little stone bench and a...big rock waterfall? Maybe not it's technical name, but you can see what I mean. Which was the perfect setting for what I was wearing I felt like I was in London again but with way less traffic.
I'm wearing several of my favorite things in this shoot, and luckily they all went really well together.
I got the beautiful polka dot dress last month, in a charity shop just outside of the city, I think if had been in the city center other vintage hunters would have got to it before me. That's why I always check the less busy charity shops :D
Also isn't my bowler hat lovely? It's one of two (unfortunately the other is too small) that my grandfather gave me recently, that his father had given to him, so they're vintage family heirlooms! How awesome is that? 
And they're from a really fancy men's wear store in London's, Pound Street. Stevens&Sons...so yes they have quickly become one of my favorite hats.

This is the last remaining puppy of the litter I told you about here. All the others have been adopted, but I think this little guy is going to remain here (Yay!) Now we're just thinking of a name for him...possibly Henry? But it's not final, anyone any suggestions? He's such a tubby wee cutie-pie ^_^ (sorry about the slight blurriness, another doggie jumped up on Colin just as he took this picture lol)
Jeremy looking dapper :) 

Happy Birthday Jeremy! <3

This is the final look for Lookbook and Chictopia, don't forget to hype and favorite please?  

9 August 2011

Garden Chores Call for Pretty Garden Centres

Last week I went with my finacé and his mum, to Dobbies Garden Centre, it's maaaaasive :O

The building was made nearly entirely out of wood....very cool, even the bins were disguised in a really pretty wooden box thing lol

It didn't seem like an overly good garden centre, like, plant-wise...but it's really gimmicky.

Like the huge Cactus display, I've never seen so many Cacti in one place...and they had a lot of Bonsai Trees too, which is good because places like this usually only have one or two Cacti or Bonsai.

I really loved the pretty sand designs in the glass jars, but they were super expensive...I figured I could make my own for cheaper, I already have a couple of house plants, and Ikea have really cheap vases and coloured sands :)

Dobbies also have a huge farmer's market, and they have a really good variety of alternate foods, but check out those pasta bows! Aren't they adorable ^_^ Like little humbug bows...although the thought of mint pasta, doesn't sound great lol

But they were so super fussy about taking photos...I tried to explain it was for my blog, and that it would be good publicity, but they were just really rude, even when I apologised and told her I didn't realise I wasn't allowed :'(

I forgave them a little when I saw how many Paperchase books they had :D
I love these so much, only I have far too many of them already, I get one every birthday now....but Dobbies have new ones, so I shall have to inform my close family and friends ;)

However Dobbies real good point is it's restaurant....yum yum yum ^_^ Again very expensive, but wow they had so many different kinds of pastries and buns and desserts, it's one of those places where you want to have a little sampling of everything :)

Aren't they so sweet looking? I always think it's a shame to eat something so pretty x3

They were so weird about our lunch though...some days I'm a fairly fussy eater, and I didn't like the look of any of there lunch-food stuffs, the girl behind the counter saw me looking at all the hot foods for a bit, but I eventually decided to try some of their pie, which looked quite nice. So I went up to the counter but just as I got there she started putting things on a trolley, Colin asked could we order something, but she said (in quite an abrupt way) that hot food stopped at 3PM...I looked at my watch, IT WAS EXACTLY 3 ¬_¬
Why didn't she say something when I was making my mind up?! Gah.
Sorry that I'm ranting. just stuff like that really annoys me, plus to make things worse, when I decided on a new thing to get, they didn't have any of that *sigh*

But I eventually settled on a baked potato with prawns and Ann-Marie sauce...which was quite nice...but not worth how much it cost (like £6 something). I also got Capri-Sun which I haven't had in yeaaaaars :)

Colin got the Chicken Jalfrezi with Rice and Popadoms...again it was okay, but the chicken was really dried out :(

Free refills on drinks though!

After lunch we had another little wander about then went back for some dessert :)
I got a strawberry tart, which was sooo sweet, I could only manage half of it XD

And Colin got an awesome glittery cupcake.....it was really nice, I wish I had gotten one of those as well (but I did get share of his, hurray!)

You can't really see the glitter all that well :/

A tiny part of the huge restaurant, complete with palm tree...

And to finish some fruity cocktails, a Berry Blast and a Tropical....something, I forget now...unfortunately the berry one was horrible! But the tropical one was quite nice :)

Colin <3

Not much of an outfit post, but at least it does feature my new cardigan (I'll hopefully show it off properly in my next outfit post, keep posted!) I also wore my long floral top, black leggings and some purple Converse, comfy and casual :)

Sorry if I look a little ruffled, we had earlier been caught in a real rain storm (main reason why there's no full outfit post, dang weather ¬_¬).

And to finish, here's a picture of a really cute panda cake! Now I know this is definitely too cute to eat! :3

Plus that's a heck of a lot of icing!!

Oh also, if you wouldn't mind, could you please nominate me in the Cosmo Blog Awards, in the 'new blog' category? Thanks! xo


Walabean <3