23 June 2011

Eeee excitement!

Yay! Just less than two weeks now until I move into my new apartment with my fiancé, Colin, and our best friend, Jeremy, I actually cannot wait. We were supposed to be moving in on the 1st, but characteristically like real estate people they moved the move in date nearly a week back. Bleh.I don't know if stuff like that happens with real estate people all over the world, or if it's just in Belfast. Sorry if I sound bitter, but we had unfortunate dealings last year :(

I can't believe the amount of new stuff I've accumulated over the 10 months that I've lived in this flat...I literally don't know what to with it all, for now we're just gathering everything into boxes for the move, then we'll probably go through it when we get there. This is the first time I've ever had to share a wardrope with anyone, and I've usually barely enough room in my closet for all my vintage clothes and accessories...I might have to consider selling some stuff! Although I was thinking about selling some handmade stuff, so it might give me encouragement to do that too.

For now though, I'm focusing mainly on the move, I couldn't believe the amount of paperwork we had to fill out for this move, a whole big pile of it! Plus, as Colin has a long term illness (don't worry, nothing life threatening), he gets paid his rent for him, while he's studying, so that is a huge pile of paperwork to do too >.>

It'll be great when we move though, our new place is closer to the park, and the uni, and even the gym! Plus at the minute our current house mate, refuses to do any house work, and I hate all this untidiness :(

Oh and keep posted for updates of my latest purchases, I went a bit mad on Ebay, but there were so many bargains! :D

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Stevia said...

can't wait to see your new apartment!
when I moved from Subang to Bandung, I was very little.. so I have no idea about the paperwork! ;p