27 June 2011

Oh my, Ebay

Sneak-peek time!

I don't know about you guys but I'm not the sort of person that buys things constantly, I like to gather my savings up, then splurge all in one go. Sometimes I might have weeks&weeks in between, or sometimes months&months.

It's been quite awhile since I had one of these splurges, mainly due to how distracted I was during the exam period, but at the weekend there I had a real Ebay splurge. And I thought I'd share with you a sneak-peek of my purchases, so here goes;

Tights, tights and more tights.

The loafers I told you guys about in my Shoe fever post :)

Cutest pretty patterned tights ^^

Awesome Rockabilly dress.

Doc Martens.

Tan satchel (yes those are camels).

Oh my gosh! I love these, fur-lined wedges.

Another suggestion from Bubzbeauty...it's actually a face massager :)

And finally, but oh so not least...ily? XD My early birthday present, but I'll tell you more about this in another post :D

Now all I have to do, is to wait until they all arrive, a lot of these things I bought on and before the weekend, and everything stops during the weekend, so they'll have only been posted today >.>
Which means so much waiting, I'm sorry, but I am quite impatient when it comes to deliveries.

But isn't it awesome how cheap thing are on Ebay, and I'm not even talking about, really used second hand things, but brand new awesome things! I love Ebay, it's another great source of vintage and second hand stuff :D

Hopefully I'll be able to show you my purchases when they arrive, and I'll be able to use them in my new looks for Lookbook, hurray!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend x


Angie said...

firstly, thanks for all your sweet comments! i can't wait to see your haul and especially that camera!

pandaphilia fashion

Stevia said...

ooh your bow tights is too cute!
can wait to see it live :)


Jo said...

Ohh the loafers are so wonderful!

Lost in the Haze

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

Woo for docs! x hivenn

Walabean said...

Hi Jazzy, I know! I can't live without mine x3