10 June 2011

Shoe Lust

Oh my...as lovely as it is, I hate the feeling of Shoe Lust. Just going about your daily business then you see that pair of shoes. People (mainly my fiancé) always say, 'you don't need them', oh but they don't understand, when you see that pair they occupy you, they become your main focus, and usually the only way with dealing with it, is with the final purchase. It may seem silly but it seems I have shoe fever...

The main place this fever develops, for me, is in Schuh. And it's not even just with the heels, as gorgeous as they may be...

A serious case of the 'wants' with this pair.

...but it's also the boots, flats, brogues and, my personal obsession as of late, loafers and moccasins.

Fortunately, some clever person created Ebay, and when poor students (and people who love to thrift) need new shoes and clothes, they have a great and convenient place to turn. I've been using Ebay for about a year now and I have come across some great finds, including the most gorgeous pair of boots I've ever owned. And now that I'm craving another shoe fix, it seems like the prefect place to go.

And huzzah! Ebay prevails, I just won myself the most comfortable looking pair of Hush Puppies soft leather loafers, and they're exactly like the ones I nearly paid £35 for and guess how much of a bargain I got...£1.75!!! and they're brand new! :D

I've said it before and I'll say it again; I Love Thrifting ♥

Keep an eye out for the pictures I'll be posting of them on here when they arrive, and I'm sure they'll be a staple for my looks on Lookbook, when I get around to adding them :)

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