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I usually hate these, but I'll give it ago.

So hi, I'm Amy! :) Otherwise known as 'Walabean', not sure where exactly that nickname came from, but it has suck for quite a few years now, and that's really handy, if you search "Walabean" on goggle, it's me on the first page! Every single link :D

Anyway, yeah so I'm 19, I'll be 20 this August, which is scary, entering my third decade! :o
But I am looking forward to it, oh and the following month, I start Uni, to continue my study of linguistics (which is also SCARY!! Ahem.). But for now my main focus, now the exams are over, is fashion, and my fashion blog. 

I've fairly recently discovered Lookbook and Chictopia, so I spend quite a lot of time on these, just lloking for inspiration for my, mainly vintage, wardrobe. Oh and of course, to hopefully upload some looks of my own.

Oh and another venture I'll hopefully be undertaking is my shop, I've been meaning to start this for....lets see...about 4 years now, but I wasn't sure what route to go down, so I think I'll setting things into motion now :)

Well that's it really, don't forget to Follow me or Tweet me, or add me on Facebook

If there's anything else you want to know, or just want to talk generally, feel free to send me an email; amy.simpson583@yahoo.co.uk

Love you all, Walabean xo

                                                                                     Thats me ^^^^ :3

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