28 June 2011

Inspiration Time: Florals!

Hot Florals!

At the minute I'm totally loving all things Summery and I can't get enough of florals! I'm hoping it's a trend that'll continue even into Winter. I thought I'd just do a quick inspiration blog, of all the flowers and pretty things around me that are influencing what I wear :)


Flowers at Botanic Gardens...

Cherry Blossom in the park.

More Botanic Flowers...

And finally my Easter cactus that went mad this Spring, it was beautiful! And now is totally green and unrecognisingly lol.

What inspires you this season? I hope you're out enjoying all this Summer sun we're having :)

I enjoy the Summer, but something inside me still misses the layers and hot chocolate of Winter...it's weird that, isn't it?


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