28 July 2011

I'm back!

Hurray! I'm back into the world of on-line'ness! :)

As my regular followers know, I've just moved into my new apartment, it's awesome :D
But, trying to get internet connected took for-eeeeever. I mean it wouldn't have annoyed me so much, if we hadn't have given them two weeks advance warning >.>

But I'm in too good a mood to rant anymore at the moment, more about my lovely new apartment, It's huuuuge! I mean my old place wasn't tiny, but it would fit in here a couple of times! Tehe.

Especially the kitchen, Colin and I love experimenting and trying out new recipes, so it's so much fun cooking in a really big kitchen. Last week we made water-chestnut and bamboo-shoot Stir-Fry and I think it's my new favorite meal. Another awesome thing is the huge closet I've got now, I have everything so organised with matching hangers!! The only thing is, even with my huge wardrobe, I still have too many shoes...I may need to have a clear out, oh no! D: But hopefully with all this extra room to properly see all my clothes, it'll be easier to do some more looks, and start regularly updating this blog with everyday looks. Exciting! Lol.

I've really missed the internet, and coming back it's taken quite awhile to catch up on all the blogs I follow, but I also found some new blogs! So it wasn't all lost :) Speaking of which, you should totally check out this blog and this blog. I love them.

Ooo in other exciting news my fiancé's dog had puppies!! And they are so unbelievably cute! It's been so long since I've updated this blog, that two of the pups have actually been rehomed now :(
It's so sad when that time comes, but you can't keep every fluffy critter that comes by x3

The four pups!

Mummy-Dog 'Susie'

Daww, he fell asleep in my boater (as seen in previous look!)

...And in my camera bag...

This little guy just wanted something to nom :')

You see now why I wanted to take them all home! But unfortunately rented accommodation and puppies do not mix *sad face*

Oh and all these photos were taken with my new camera, the one I told you guys I bought on Ebay. It's fab! And really easy to use, I love it!

Well that's it for now, I'm off to try a recipe I found in Joyce's blog, I'll tell you how it goes!

Toodles xox

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