23 June 2011


Hello bloggers :)

How are you all? Feeling all Summery yet? I can't believe it's just a few days until July! It's still quite chilly here, but apparently the rest of the UK is having a heat wave! Lucky people, but for us, it's still tights with our Skirts and Summer dresses :)

Speaking of Skirts and Summer dresses, I've recently found a rather interesting new website, Chictopia, it's a little bit like Lookbook, where people can upload their looks, but you can also add to their forums and blogs and all very community orientated. And for every action you perform, you're rewarded with Chic points, you can save up these points and then redeem them on certain items on the Chictopia 'gift' section, this is great but you have to be quick, ti goes to the first 'bidder' when the item becomes available. I'm maybe not that clear at explaining, but it all explained on their website, I really recommend setting up an account to start gathering points.


It also gives you slightly more freedom than Lookbook as you can upload a few shots of your look, which I find quite good :)

Well that's all for now, I have to go make a hike to the main Post Office in town, to pick up my parcels...although the walk is made better when you know you're getting new shoes at the end of it all :D

Toodles x

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