30 July 2011

Pride '11

Hello Bloggers! Hope you're all doing well :)
I've had a great day, it was my flatmate's early birthday party, which also happens to coincide with Belfast's Pride Parade (yes he is gay, so it worked out quite well for him). I don't usually go to the parade, but seeing as he had asked me for his birthday, Colin and I tagged along.And I'm glad I did it was really good fun! :D
But before that, Colin and I headed over to Botanic Gardens for awhile, we've actually started getting some Summery weather here in Belfast, so we're taking full advance of it. Hehe.

I also brought my camera with us to try and get some shots of my new look for LB, (I'll be posting these shots within the next few days)...We also tried a few jump shots, and although I was absolutely useless, we managed to get one of Colin! (After what felt like a million tries lol.)

We had quite a few of this kind of picture (and worse!!) XD

But then we managed this one! This was probably are best...oh dear...more practising I say ;)

We then heeded into the city center, the parade would be passing right in front of City Hall, so we figured there would be a good place to be. The parade started at 2PM'ish and lasted for about 45mins, you would not believe the colours *_* (Just a warning, some of the following photos are ridiculously bright!)

With all this great weather I figure City Hall looks it's best, and I just can't help myself from taking loads of pictures of it...but it's such a beautiful building! Well you can see for yourself, although I'll just include the one this time :D

See it's pretty! :) (and very grey compared to these next pictures)

So I guess this is what the whole parade comes down to;

So yeah I think they got their message across, plus everyone had so much fun at the same time :D

The anti-protesters? Lol

Of course there were quite a few protesters, but they didn't cause much harm....But we'll not bother with them, here's some more colourful pictures! :)

I love rainbows so much ^_^ (gay or not)

It must have been pretty warm and uncomfortable wearing this for the whole parade...?

Party bus!!

They are oh-so-glamourous!

I love his Go-Go boots!! <3

I'll just finish off with some awesome colourful balloons!



CILLA B said...

This reminds me of the nyc parade

BonitaTĂș! said...

Nice pictures, loveit!