1 August 2011

I Miss Summer...

Ooh these pictures make me sad T_T
I took these about two months ago, when Northern Ireland was having it's annual out-of-Summer heatwave, and now when we're actually in Summer, it's doing nothing but raining constantly :'(
And it's not cold, so I can't wear a coat, or even a cosy jumper indoors, while watching the rain...it's really weird wearing shorts inside all day and not being able to leave the flat for fear of being washed away...

I wonder what it's like living in a really humid country all year round...? I haven't posted a new look today, mainly due to the fact that the weather is totally making me feel all icky.

When you get rained on first the thing in the morning, and you can't get dry all day = Hell. ¬_¬

So as a cunning distraction I'll just show you these lovely photos of ships, and castles, and pretty things :)

See? Summery things! :)

The Marina

The water was so beautiful that day, really had to resist the urge to just dive in...(see future blog posts for river diving! Tehe.)

Apart from the gorgeous weather, we had a great day too, we re-homed the abandoned fishies we were looking after, yay! (Also the reason why we traveled to Carrick-Fergus) And we also got treated to some delicious lunch at Pizza Hut, I haven't been there for yeeeeaaaars. I love how their latest advertising scheme is 'Free Salad For Everyone!'...who wants salad?! Free or not. Especially if you're going to PH?! Give us free pizza :D

Colin (looking weirdly grumpy) in front of Carrick's Castle.

Carrick Castle.

And I shall finish with my favorite photo of the day; Colin and I, sitting down by the waterside rocks, it was really cool, just below our feet, we could see little fish swimming about...although they moved too fast to get a proper picture of :(

I hope it stops raining soon....but awh well, at least it's not snowing :D

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