28 July 2011

Look Book: B&W Culloden Ball

Well this is my second look on LB, although this photo was taken about a year ago for my Middle Sixth Formal. It was Black and White themed and the River Island lace dress was just prefect! I couldn't resist getting it, and luckily my parents agreed to buy me it, which saved the £30 from escaping my pocket! x3

I paired it with, possibly my favorite pair of shoes of all time, my TUK polka dot heels, which only cost my £7 in TKMaxx! Bargain! They're also B&W and have cute little diamante stars on the sides. In this outfit I'm also wearing my tiny top-hat, I was searching for one of these for aaaages, then it turns out my best friend had one and she didn't want it, best present ever :)

I was quite apprehensive about the leather bag, as I rarely use a bag with such a short strap (that bag is actually my sisters) but it seemed to go best out of all the bags I own. Plus is was the prefect size to hold everything I needed for the night, bottle of water, lipstick, tissues, you know, all that stuff :)
To accessorize, I added some black beads and a white cashmere scarf, and of course a splash of bright red lipstick, so I didn't fade into the background of black and white. Tehe.

So hopefully this is the first (second) of many to come! Now that my internet is set up and fully working, I have no excuses! Lol. Although I do start uni in a month...but I'll not think about that yet! XD

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Camii Palta said...

Hello! I love it
you look so pretty!!
take care :)

Sue Lyn said...

wow, you're so stunning! you really know how to flaunt it(:

and thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! im now following you dear(: