3 August 2011

Parlez-vous Français ?

Oh man, oh man...I am sooo tired *__*
So today my sister (Gillian) and her new boyfriend (Craig) came around to visit, which is tiring enough but they also brought round his adorable little 9 month old baby (Sammie) ^^,

She is sooooooo cute!! *brood brood brood* She just sits giggling, and rarely cries, and I got to fed her her lunch...ack, cuteness overload!
Anywho, we also walked to the supermarket to get some groceries for dinner, there was a sale, so I got loads of chicken and ribs and steaks, for next to nothing :D
I love bargains <3

So that's dinner fixed for like the next two weeks, woo! After Sammie got her lunch, Craig decided he would treat us to some fast food for our lunch...unfortunately we went to a chip shop we'd never tried before and it was quite horrible, and made me feel quite sick xP
(And of course the Ben And Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream didn't help XD)

But I've got my lemon water, so I'm feeling a bit better now :)

So yes, this the outfit I wore yesterday, it's fairly French themed...I DIY'd my tee-shirt I got while on my last holiday to Blackpool. I love those off-shoulder tee-shirts that seem quite popular at the minute, but hadn't been able to find one that suited me, so I took the scissors to my 'francais' one. Hurray! And I'm so glad it worked out, I love this tee.

The other reason I decided to do this was due to the fact that it's a fairly small tee, a size 8 in fact! Lol, so quite a bit too small XD But now that it's modified, it doesn't crush my breasts so much...thank goodness...

I wore my Black Wedges/Ebay, Denim Shorts/ASDA, Red PVC Belt/Liberty Blue, Black Tights/Topshop, Black Beret/Primark and my Modified Tee/Street Market.

You can hype my look here! Thanks xo

And now time for a silly picture of me looking a little bit like a puffer fish x3

Haha, Colin thought I was doing a really weird pose, I said 'No, look! A kitty!', 'Yeah, that's a great pose!', 'No silly!! Look! A kitty kat!!' XD

'Oooh...a caaat...awesome!' So yeah, our neighborhood has a cat! Yay! Where I used to live there's cats everywhere, but no one in the city has kitties or dogs :(
So it's great we have a neighbor cat :D

Also, this outfit give me the perfect opportunity to show off my new wedges :D
I got these on Ebay a couple of weeks ago (For like £4!!!), and maaaan I love them so much, they're the black suede wedges everyone seems to have lately...and they just work with so many outfits.

I really enjoyed taking these photos with Colin, it was really relaxed, mainly due to the fact we took them all in our front garden, it was nice not having to worry about people walking through the photos, like usually happens when we're in the park...but whatever, it was nice :)

Hope you're all having a nice mid-week,

Walabean x


a girl name KIKI said...

Hello Walabean, thanks to follow my blog..

so, are you a cat fans? because I am a huge fans of Cat..hehehehe :D

Stevia said...

ooh your boots is amazing!
and I love your "look, kitty!" pose ;)


Camii Palta said...

I love everything!! your boots, your paris blouse
so cute!!

Take care :)