9 August 2011

Garden Chores Call for Pretty Garden Centres

Last week I went with my finacé and his mum, to Dobbies Garden Centre, it's maaaaasive :O

The building was made nearly entirely out of wood....very cool, even the bins were disguised in a really pretty wooden box thing lol

It didn't seem like an overly good garden centre, like, plant-wise...but it's really gimmicky.

Like the huge Cactus display, I've never seen so many Cacti in one place...and they had a lot of Bonsai Trees too, which is good because places like this usually only have one or two Cacti or Bonsai.

I really loved the pretty sand designs in the glass jars, but they were super expensive...I figured I could make my own for cheaper, I already have a couple of house plants, and Ikea have really cheap vases and coloured sands :)

Dobbies also have a huge farmer's market, and they have a really good variety of alternate foods, but check out those pasta bows! Aren't they adorable ^_^ Like little humbug bows...although the thought of mint pasta, doesn't sound great lol

But they were so super fussy about taking photos...I tried to explain it was for my blog, and that it would be good publicity, but they were just really rude, even when I apologised and told her I didn't realise I wasn't allowed :'(

I forgave them a little when I saw how many Paperchase books they had :D
I love these so much, only I have far too many of them already, I get one every birthday now....but Dobbies have new ones, so I shall have to inform my close family and friends ;)

However Dobbies real good point is it's restaurant....yum yum yum ^_^ Again very expensive, but wow they had so many different kinds of pastries and buns and desserts, it's one of those places where you want to have a little sampling of everything :)

Aren't they so sweet looking? I always think it's a shame to eat something so pretty x3

They were so weird about our lunch though...some days I'm a fairly fussy eater, and I didn't like the look of any of there lunch-food stuffs, the girl behind the counter saw me looking at all the hot foods for a bit, but I eventually decided to try some of their pie, which looked quite nice. So I went up to the counter but just as I got there she started putting things on a trolley, Colin asked could we order something, but she said (in quite an abrupt way) that hot food stopped at 3PM...I looked at my watch, IT WAS EXACTLY 3 ¬_¬
Why didn't she say something when I was making my mind up?! Gah.
Sorry that I'm ranting. just stuff like that really annoys me, plus to make things worse, when I decided on a new thing to get, they didn't have any of that *sigh*

But I eventually settled on a baked potato with prawns and Ann-Marie sauce...which was quite nice...but not worth how much it cost (like £6 something). I also got Capri-Sun which I haven't had in yeaaaaars :)

Colin got the Chicken Jalfrezi with Rice and Popadoms...again it was okay, but the chicken was really dried out :(

Free refills on drinks though!

After lunch we had another little wander about then went back for some dessert :)
I got a strawberry tart, which was sooo sweet, I could only manage half of it XD

And Colin got an awesome glittery cupcake.....it was really nice, I wish I had gotten one of those as well (but I did get share of his, hurray!)

You can't really see the glitter all that well :/

A tiny part of the huge restaurant, complete with palm tree...

And to finish some fruity cocktails, a Berry Blast and a Tropical....something, I forget now...unfortunately the berry one was horrible! But the tropical one was quite nice :)

Colin <3

Not much of an outfit post, but at least it does feature my new cardigan (I'll hopefully show it off properly in my next outfit post, keep posted!) I also wore my long floral top, black leggings and some purple Converse, comfy and casual :)

Sorry if I look a little ruffled, we had earlier been caught in a real rain storm (main reason why there's no full outfit post, dang weather ¬_¬).

And to finish, here's a picture of a really cute panda cake! Now I know this is definitely too cute to eat! :3

Plus that's a heck of a lot of icing!!

Oh also, if you wouldn't mind, could you please nominate me in the Cosmo Blog Awards, in the 'new blog' category? Thanks! xo


Walabean <3


Fashion CouSense said...

Your blog entry made me all hungry! I am now craving for cupcakes. Lovely blog, my dear! Thanks for visiting my site. :)


Aine O said...

Aww were is that place I want to go there!! I started my own blog! Please check it out!!


Stevia said...

the panda cake is too cute!
looks like a fun time you had :)


vnikali said...

everything looks so yummy:D