15 August 2011

Fashion Fix Time!

Oo it feels like forever since I've done an outfit post, it's been really hard finding an opportunity to take pictures, I was sick for that couple of days, and it hasn't really stopped raining :/

But finally, I got out and about and got some good shots, hurray! And it was the perfect time to show off my new dress and heels :D

Dress/Thrifted, Heels/Dorothy Perkins (But my sister gave me these), Grey Tights/ASDA, Hair Clip Bows/Local Pharmacy.

So yes, this is it, I absolutely fell in love with this dress the moment I saw it, it's fan/accordion style pleats are awesome, they make you want to dance around everywhere you go (Colin spent most of the time laughing at me when I wore this to the store to buy milk, and I couldn't stop dancing x3). The picture is me, in my room, just after I tried it on for the first time, I can already see my mind plotting all the fun I can have with those pleats :)

(More photos of the dress itself further down.)

Below are the photos of my makeup for the day. To add to how well the black stood out from the white, I went quite heavily on the liquid eyeliner, but my eyes are already quite big, so the dark eyeliner doesn't diminish them much. I also added the little heart, with my eyeliner, just for funs :3

I'm wearing Super+ BB Cream/Maybelline Mineral Powder (Original Rose)/Avon Sparkle Lash/ME ME ME Flawless Face Pwder (Honey)/Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect/Urban Decay Liquid Eye Liner/Lancome Le Crayon Khol (Gris Bleu).

Puffer fish shot x3

Also I'm so annoyed at my hair (although I love it in these pictures) but no matter what I try, I can't seem to curl it properly with my curling wand. Grr. Maybe my hair is just too fine? (My hair is extremely fine&thin) Anyone got any hints/tips? They would be greatly appreciated >.>

But yes, below is the results of me trying to ringlet my hair, clearly it didn't work, but I kinda like how it turned out anyway, and I think adding the two little bows made it all very cute...(I love bows!! :D)

Some more shots of my outfit, this handy background/wall, is just in the alley out behind my back yard, which I only recently discovered. Handy :)

Love! Love! Love!

And the final look for Lookbook! Please hype sweeties!

Oh and the heels I'm wearing, are just one of the new pairs I was recently given, by my sister. She bought them awhile ago but they didn't fit her properly, so I got them, yay!

Along with the Grey ones I also got these stunning red heels. Red is my fave colour and I absolutely adore these! ♥ ♥ ♥

The red ribbon ties are just so sweet ^^

And of course the Grey ones as well, both pairs are quite similar, and both are ridiculously comfortable. I have no idea how much they cost her, but they're Dorothy Perkins, both size 7's.I also, fairly recently, got these beautiful denim wedges, they're by Kenneth Cole New York, and they are absolutely fabulous quality, and guess where I got them?...A charity shop, for just £5!! It's only when I got them home, and searched online, that I realised that they're worth nearly $200 *swoons*

Not that brands really matter to me, I just bought them because really I liked them, and of course due to the fact they add an extra 5 Inches to my height! That makes me 5'11"!! It makes a change from me being so short, at just 5'6" ¬_¬

I also got these silver wedges (yes, I have too many wedges XD) at my local Sunday Market, again they were only £5, but they're really awesome, the wedge part is made of a sort of spongy material, so not only do they look like moon shoes, but they feel like you're walking with moons shoes :D

So these are my wedges I have with me at my current house (I still have quite a few back at my family home), along with the heels, my sister just gave me. I have far too many shoes, and should really do a clear out....but I love them too much T-T

Sorry for quite along post, but I was shocked by the fact that I was actually able to do an outfit post today XD

Hopefully I dazzled you with all these shiny shoes that you won't mind :)
Much love!

Walabean x


Aine O said...

Awww beautiful!!


Tatat Roses said...

i love your ootd and your shoes! i never had awesome shoes lol. i have such big feet .___.

i saw your comment on my blog and i followed you btw :D



How adorable are you!!!!!??? I need a stripe top in my life...there is just something timeless about stripes.


Catherine said...

Cute dress! You have a really rad collection of shoes!


i.r. said...

Them red shoes of yours stole my heart! You are so adorable and I like your style :)
Keep it up!


Maria Alyssa said...

I LOVE YOUR SHOES! So lucky :))

photohogger said...

LOVE the shoes!!!! The grey ones are adorable! Lucky you. Great outfit as well! Thanks for stopping by photohogger!

Leonie said...

Cute dress!


Anonymous said...

Love the stripes with the mid-length skirt!


wait until the sunset said...

oh my goodness I love that dress! I'd be dancing too! :)


Intrinsically Florrie said...

You look absolutely lovely in those stripes. :)

I think your email account might have been compromised sweetheart. Today and yesterday I had an odd email from your account with a link that looked suspiciously spammy. Thought I'd let you know so you can do something about it.

Florrie x

Anonymous said...

great shoes wow!

The Ponycats said...

I'm in love with the dorothy parker shoes, absolutely in love! And you look lovely with that dress, I always have trouble with black and white...
And sorry I don't have any tips for curling hair because me hair is the complete opposite! curly and thick haha
Have a lovely day!!
-Sandra Ponycat

vnikali said...

cute heart :D

The wardrobe explorer said...

wow cool shoes <3 l love your blog

Stevia said...

your dress is too pretty and flowy! love..

and your red shoes is just such a darling!

PS. I think your hair looks just lovely :)


Jen said...

Love your shoe collection!


Anthea Lau said...

Seriously heart the 'heart' on your face:)))
I love your designs! Would you like a mutual following?:p