14 August 2011

Camping; Tollymore

Hey everyone! Just an update I was supposed to do a couple of weeks ago, but I only got the photos yesterday. Sorry ^^'

So here it is; My sister and I went camping last month, when the weather was a little better, we were supposed to go for the whole of August, but I fear if we go we'll be washed away with all this rain :(

We usually go camping at least two or three times a year, and usually to the same place, Tollymore Forest Park, it's beautiful there...well I'll just show you the photos I took while there x

Our tent just before dusk, I love our big retro tent! :D

Oh we also went to this huuuge car boot sale, it was giant! And had such a wide mix of things, but I really loved the retro glassware and ceramics, they were just so pretty :)

I wish I'd have had more money with me, but unfortunately it was in a field and they usually don't have ATMs xP
But they had so many really cool clothes and shoes, and loads in my size too *sad face*

I love these glasses from the 60's, the whole set just cost £4! But I knew if I bought these, I'd just be taking pictures of them all the time, look how they distort, and make the weirdest shapes.

And of course you can't go to Newcastle without visiting the amusements, it was really good fun, and reminded me so much of my childhood (I even got some candy floss, and I won a cuddly toy sheep!)

Hah! These were great fun!! I haven't been on a swan boat in yeaaaaars! (If you don't know what these are, they're boats in the shape of swans that two people peddle around a man-made lake) My sister nearly broke her leg falling in the swan and at one point I nearly fell out! It was £3 a swan, and you could stay out for as long as you liked, so yes we were peddling that swan for hours, I swear! :)

(Plus our swan was a little broken so it kinda kept going around and around in circles, another reason we were out for so long lol)

Yes, so back to our campsite, when we go camping it's usually for a couple of weeks at a time, so we don't really rough it, We bring proper tables, and a cooker, and deck chairs...basically it becomes a home away from home. And it's really nice in the evening, we all gather around the campfire and sing songs/munch marshmallows/etc :D

The best thing about for me though, is being able to wake really early in the morning to beautiful scenes like the one below. As the campsite is right next to the Mourne Mountain /range, the scenery around there is beautiful! <3

The campsite in the evening is so peaceful, and the sunset was pretty ^^

Quite near to the campsite is a river running down from the mountain, it's a little chilly, but when we've had a few days of really sunny, warm weather, it's warm enough for swimming! So that's what we did, we all dived into one of the naturally formed pools, and after we'd been in for awhile, a lot of other people joined us, including a really adorable doggie, yay!

When my parents came to pick me up (I had to leave a day early) it became quite windy, and I took some shots of the waves hitting the piers, when we were down at Newcastle's front (roughly three miles from the campsite). It was scary looking but really beautiful to watch, kinda like a lava lamp lol

I can't believe the holidays are nearly over, I get my A Level results in 4 days! Eeck! And then it's no time at all before everyone's back to school and I start Uni!!! :O

Well hope everyone's enjoying the last of the Summer!

Walabean xox

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