12 August 2011

4* Treatment

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, I've been quite unwell, a bit of a tummy bug :(
I hate being sick, it stops everything, I haven't been able to blog, or post up any new looks...nothing to do but sit about (of course I got loads of new inspiration and I even found a new blog to follow, Tamara's Blog
< < < You can check her out here. She's totally awesome, with a really great fashion sense! Plus she has the most adorable little sister, she's a mini fashionista too :) Check her out here!)

As I wasn't feeling too good, I thought a little bit of self-TLC would be good! I find there's nothing better than when you're sick, than a little relaxation and a few spa treatments :) Don't I realise I'm too busy to be sick! =)

First of all a touch of retail therapy, I ordered some bits and bobs from Tesco Direct last week, and it just so happens they arrived today :D

I got this gorgeous 1960's Style Trapeze Coat, it's such an unusual style, unfortunately I under estimated their sizes so it's a size or two big, but then there's room for a jumper or cardi, or I'll possibly see about taking it in a little. (I'm not returning it as it was in their end of season sale and 'cause I ordered it online, it's complicated >.>)

But I can't wait to wear this in a look, possibly not until, Autumn...although it's very light, and the weather here at the minute is quite chilly. Oh and I got a really good deal with this coat! It was £40, down to £15! Yay!

Trapeze Coat:£15

I also got a gel push up bra, I've never tried one of these before, as nature usually takes care of that, but as this was in their sale, and has a beautiful lace detailing design, in a soft latte pink colour, I thought I'd treat myself. Again, it was really reduced down to just £4!

I also got the matching lace pants (very fancy), and two pairs of 'shorties', which have no seams, so they're perfect for figure hugging dresses etc. The last thing I bought is a pair of khaki-style skinnies, they fit perfectly and have a cute little zip at each ankle. Another look is progress :)

Underwear set:£5.50/Pack of two 'shorties':£3/Khaki Skinnies:£11

Now, time for the real pampering! My sister had bought me a couple of those face masks mud packs, and I decided I'd try one out, I haven't tried this particular brand before (although it was very affordable) but it smelt delicious when I opened it, it was the Montagne Jeunesse Fruit Smoothie Face Mask, my sister also had given me some cucumber relaxing eye....patches? Which really cooled my eyelids and the surrounding area.


Lol, yes that's me, safely in my jammies, with no make-up, and shower-wet hair. The very essence of beauty XD

As scary as the picture above is, the whole treatment was very relaxing and my skin felt incredibly soft afterwards. I may as well do a quick product review;

Packaging: ★★ / ☆☆☆☆☆

Smell: ★★★★ / ☆☆☆☆☆

Effectiveness: ★★★ / ☆☆☆☆☆

Price: ★★★★ / ☆☆☆☆☆ (four for £3)

I've marked the packaging quite low as it was tricky to use and hard to get it all out unfortunately :(

Next I tried some pore strips (apparently blackheads worst enemy!) I've used these before, and have always found them veeery effective, I won't be showing you a picture of the results.

I think this was one of the Beauty Formulas pore strips...very effective, like I said lol

Also my skin looks so pink and fresh in these two photos (above and below) these were taken after the face mask! Hurray!

The night was completed with gentle music playing in the background, burning incense, candles and an amazing neck rub from Colin (See? Fiancés are really handy for that lol)

Breakfast Noms! Lemon Water/Banana/Green Tea with Honey/Cereal.

And I shall hopefully (fingers crossed) be up to my usual healthy breakfast tomorrow :D

Hope you all are feeling a bit better than me!

Walabean x

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wait until the sunset said...

lol you did the full treatment! Hope you felt amazingly beautiful afterwards! It's such an ugly process to get gorgeous isn't it, no-one looks nice with cucumbers on their eyes! lol